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Find out why a hearing screening is the key to better hearing


Sonus Hearing Care Professionals 75 Day Trial

*Hearing aids must be returned within 75 days for full refund. 

Sonus offers a wide variety of accessories designed to work with your hearing aids for improved listening options and experiences.

Through the technology of Bluetooth these accessories can add to your everyday activities.


Listen to your cell phone in both ears, watch TV at a volume comfortable for others, enjoy music from your stereo or MP3 player with wireless communication devices.

Hearing Aid Remote Controls

Remote controls are small enough to fit in a shirt pocket and come in a variety of styles to work with most hearing aids. Use the remote to manage volume, program and adjust to surrounding changes.

Battery Chargers & Dehumidifiers

Maintain your hearing aids functionality and performance by using hearing aid chargers and dehumidifiers.  A Sonus hearing care professional can tell you your options based on the hearing aids you use.

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