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Find out why a hearing screening is the key to better hearing


Sonus Hearing Care Professionals 75 Day Trial

*Hearing aids must be returned within 75 days for full refund. 

As a Sonus customer your complete satisfaction is our number one priority.

We work with you to make certain that your hearing aids are working at their very best for your hearing loss and lifestyle needs.

We make sure to perform regular check ups of your hearing aids to keep them in top working order.

At Sonus, hearing aid check ups work to:

  • ensure that all of your hearing aid components are functioning properly

  • hearing aids are thoroughly cleaned for maximum performance

  • verify that your hearing aids still fit properly

  • make certain that your hearing aids are correctly adjusted for your  wearing schedule and lifestyle needs

  • inspect your ear and check for earwax buildup that can hamper hearing aid performance

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