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Find out why a hearing screening is the key to better hearing

At Sonus®, we believe that everyone deserves the best possible hearing technology and care available. That’s why it’s our mission to improve hearing health care one patient at a time through industry leading services and technology. We believe that everything in the Sonus Network - the technology, the maintenance, the purchase options - should all be made simple for you. That’s why we offer one of the longest trials and some of the longest warranties in the industry.  It simply comes down to providing you with hearing aids and services that improve the quality of your life.

Come experience the Sonus Hearing Care difference for yourself by taking advantage of a free hearing consultation today!

To find a Sonus California location near you, simply click a marker or enter your zip code.

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Take a quick hearing loss questionnaire and check your hearing in the privacy of your home


Sonus Hearing Care Professionals 75 Day Trial

*Hearing aids must be returned within 75 days for full refund. 

To view locations by county, click here.

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