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"I got a thorough explanation on how to effectively use my hearing aid. The staff were great and have great knowledge of their product, services and resources. I wished I could have visited them sooner. My quality of life improved because of Eduardo and team!"

- Rodolfo C.

At Sonus of Los Angeles, our team of professionals is committed to providing the very best hearing healthcare in the industry. We build relationships with our patients so they can enjoy a lifetime of healthy hearing. It’s our commitment to provide an exceptional level of care through the Sonus Network and ensure that our patients have access to top-quality audiologists and hearing care professionals. Your hearing healthcare is important, and so are your individual hearing needs. We work with you to determine the best solution for your needs, fit you with the proper hearing aid, and offer 75-day trial periods on hearing aids.


Simply stated, we work hard to make hearing easy.

Eddie Leon of Sonus Los Angeles

Eddie Leon, HAD
Hearing Aid Dispenser
CA License: HA3986

I've been working in the hearing health care industry 21-years! I started working in the Los Angeles office in 1996 while still attending college. I remember seeing the look and reaction from the patients when the audiologist fit them with hearing aids for the first time and thought wow that is amazing! It was so impactful, I fell in love with the industry and decided to change my career path! My favorite part of what I do each day is seeing the reaction of my patient when I first turn on their hearing aids, seeing their eyes light up when they can effortlessly hear their loved ones, spouse, friends and family! After 21-years this never gets old! 

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Have you heard about the first hearing aid with artificial intelligence?

Sonus is proud to offer AI hearing aids to our patients. The Livio® AI hearing aid from Starkey is the first of its kind! Not only does it offer superior sound quality, it also tracks your overall health and is equipped with fall detection.

This innovative piece of technology has won a CES Award and Sonus would love to give you a free technology demonstration! If you are interested in testing out the Livio® AI hearing aids, please request an appointment here or give us a call at (888) 574-6776!

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