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Find out why a hearing screening is the key to better hearing

Types of Hearing Aids

Because everyone’s hearing needs are unique, we offer a wide selection of some of the best hearing aids available from top manufacturers such as Starkey, Audibel, Oticon, GNResound, Phonak, and Widex in a variety of size, styles and technology levels to fit your individual needs. At Sonus there are no “off-the-shelf” solutions.  Each hearing aid is custom-programmed and individually fit, so you’ll have a hearing solution that’s been crafted just for you.


Take a quick hearing loss questionnaire and check your hearing in the privacy of your home


Sonus Hearing Care Professionals 75 Day Trial

*Hearing aids must be returned within 75 days for full refund. 


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Behind-the-ear hearing aid

This is the most traditional model: a small, curved case that fits behind the ear with a thin, transparent tube that runs into the ear canal. Newer models are far less visible than previous generation hearing aids. The BTE hearing aid is highly versatile, providing excellent treatment for most forms of hearing loss.

Open-fit of Open Canal (Mini BTE)

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Mini BTE Hearing Aid

Smaller behind-the-ear hearing aids in which sound travels from the instrument through a small tube to the speaker in your ear canal, but it leaves the ear open -- so there isn't a 'plugged up' feeling some people experience with other hearing aids. Open Canal Mini-BTEs are best for mild to moderate high-frequency hearing loss where low-frequency hearing is still normal.


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Receiver-in-Canal Hearing Aid

This is a discreet, comfortable design that is easy to fit. It sits inside the ear canal similar to the BTE. A great choice for those with mild to moderate hearing loss who are sensitive to having things in their ears.

In the Canal

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In The Canal Hearing Aid

Fitting partially within your ear canal and barely visible, ITCs small size makes them nearly invisible, but adjusting them can be more difficult. Many of these models come with remote controls to make adjusting them easier. ITCs are used for adults with mild to moderately severe hearing loss.

Completely-in-Canal (CIC)

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Molded to fit deeply within your ear canal, CICs are the smallest and least visible types of hearing aid. Because they're sheltered within the ear, it helps cut down on wind noise. CICs can help improve mild to moderate hearing loss in adults.

Completely-in-Canal hearing aid

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Fitting directly into the external part of your ear, their size makes them visible, but it also makes them easier to insert and adjust. ITEs are most helpful for people with mild to severe hearing loss. 

To ensure you get a solution that is right for you, we also offer an industry-leading risk-free 75–day trial* as part of a comprehensive follow–up program that also includes free office visits for the duration of your warranty. It's our way to make sure your hearing aids work exactly as you'd like them to.

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