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Find out why a hearing screening is the key to better hearing


Take a quick hearing loss questionnaire and check your hearing in the privacy of your home


Sonus Hearing Care Professionals 75 Day Trial

*Hearing aids must be returned within 75 days for full refund. 

If you’re concerned that you or someone you know may be experiencing hearing loss, know that you are not alone.

Nearly 48 million Americans suffer from hearing loss enough to impact communication, but since hearing loss happens gradually, many people don’t recognize the signs for quite some time. It’s often friends and family that point it out.

Signs of Hearing Loss
There are many signs or symptoms that you or someone you know may have hearing loss.

  • Have people told you that your TV or radio is too loud?

  • Are you finding it more difficult to understand conversations, especially if several people are talking at once or if there is background noise?

  • Are you finding that you often have to ask people to repeat themselves more than once?

  • Or, maybe you have trouble hearing over the motor and wind sounds while driving in your car.

Common Symptoms of Hearing Loss
Since everyone’s hearing is unique, everyone experiences hearing loss in different ways. Here are some common symptoms to look for:

  • You often miss certain words or find yourself confusing words or misunderstanding conversations.

  • You frequently ask the speaker to repeat what was said.

  • Your family members or friends have expressed concern about your hearing.

  • You avoid certain social situations (the theater, restaurants, parties) because it’s difficult to hear.

  • You have difficulty understanding telephone conversations.

  • You turn up the volume on the radio or television to levels that are too loud for others.

  • You have difficulty following conversations in groups or in the presence of background noise.

  • You have difficulty hearing outdoor sounds such as birds or the wind.

  • You have ringing or buzzing in your ear.

If any of these situations seem familiar, take our hearing quiz.

This test should not replace the certainty and reliability of a professional hearing screening, but it can provide some insight in potential hearing problems. The sooner a hearing problem is addressed, the more effectively it can be treated. To find out more about our screening process visit our Importance of Screening page. Or, schedule an appointment today.

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