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How to Encourage a Family Member Into Getting a Hearing Aid

Hearing loss is one of the most common health issues amongst individuals over the age of 50. Being that many of those who are living with hearing loss have gotten accustomed to managing their lives around their less-than-perfect hearing, they are many times hesitant to take the next step in getting a hearing aid. Many times, those with hearing loss aren't even open to the idea of simply getting their hearing tested!

If someone in your family is reluctant to get hearing aids, there are a few different approaches one can take to change their minds...

1. Motivate Them Motivation for those who think that their hearing is fine can come in the form of a few different talking points. • "Don't you want to be able to hear your grandchildren?" • "How will you hear during the holidays?" • "Your television will be easier to hear with some hearing aids!" There are very few people who would rather not hear their family members - especially their grandchildren. Motivation to hear the special moments is almost always enough for your family member or loved one to take the next step in their hearing health.

2. Tell them about trial periods Did you know that Sonus Hearing Care Professionals offers a 75-day risk-free trial period on our hearing aids? We offer this to make sure that your hearing aids are the right fit for your needs - both on a health level and on a daily life level. In that respect, letting your family member or loved one know that they don't need to commit to a pair of hearing aids, but should test them out to see if they make an impact on their lives is always beneficial.

3. "Hearing Aids Cost Too Much"

There are theories running rampant around the country that hearing aids simply cost too much money - money that could be used for more "important" things. What is more important than hearing?! If you let your family member or loved one know that most insurances will work with you to pay for their hearing aids, they could potentially be more open to the idea of getting hearing aids.

There is no concrete way to go about telling a family member that they need hearing aids. Many people learn to live with their hearing loss, not realizing the effects that it has on those around them. If you take one of the approaches listed above, you could be changing their lives for the better.

Sonus offers free hearing tests. To schedule one today, call (888) 574-6776.

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