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"Is It Time To Upgrade My Hearing Aids?"

Hearing aids, while extremely durable and reliable, need replacing after a certain period of time. In some cases, your hearing prescription may change, causing the hearing aid that you've been wearing for a while to become outdated. Think of your hearing aid as you would a pair of eyeglasses; your eyesight will change over time, as will your hearing.

A couple of questions to ask yourself when determining whether or not it may be time for a hearing aid upgrade:

1. I have had my hearing aids for:

• One to three years

• Three to five years

• Five to seven years

• More than seven years

2. My current hearing aids are allowing me to hear:

• Perfectly

• Good

• Okay

• Not as well as I did when initially purchased

• Poorly

• Others complain that I still can't hear them

3. I have had to take my hearing aids to be serviced more than I would have liked to:

• Yes

• No

4. My current hearing aids allow me to do the things that I enjoy doing without having any difficulty hearing:

• Yes

• No

5. I find that I fiddle with the volume control more often than I would like:

• Yes

• No

If you answered any of these questions and found that you were unhappy with your answers, please call us at (888) 574-6776 to schedule an appointment for a FREE hearing test*. By testing your hearing regularly, you are making sure that your prescription hasn't changed and, if it has, you are able to get the correct hearing aids for your individual needs. We also offer hearing aid adjustments and new technology demonstrations.

You can also request an appointment by clicking here.

*This is not a medical exam and is used to determine amplification needs only. See location for complete details. Void where prohibited.

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