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What To Do When Your Hearing Aid Gets Wet

Help! My hearing aid is wet! What do I do?!

Hearing aids are a necessity for more than 48 million Americans. Some people find that their hearing aids are so comfortable that they forget to take them out when getting in the shower or taking a dip in the pool. Although the moment that one realizes their hearing aids have gotten wet can be extremely unsettling, there are a few things that you can do to make sure that you are able to salvage your hearing aid:

1. Remove your hearing aid from water as fast as possible - the less water that gets into the hearing aid, the better the chance that it will still work

2. Turn the hearing aid off immediately and remove the battery within

3. Close the battery door and dry with a towel. (If you have tubing, remove this as well)

Let your hearing aids sit in the dry air for a bit. You can place the hearing aids in sunlight as this will expedite the drying process. You may also fill a bowl with uncooked white rice and place your hearing aid within the rice; the rice will absorb the moisture.

If you find that your hearing aids are working differently after they have dried, give us a call. Sonus Hearing Care Professionals will inspect the hearing aid for you! (888) 574-6776.

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