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The Sonus Difference

The Sonus Difference

We know..

Hearing loss affects millions of people.

Hearing loss hurts. Too often it is left untreated.

It does not have to be this way.

We care...

We listen to our patients to better understand their unique hearing loss story.

We know people invest in better hearing for their own reasons, not ours.

We agree that our patients deserve better than a "One Size Fits All" approach.

We choose to align ourselves with the best manufacturers in the industry.

We help...

We inspire trust from our patients and loves ones.

We impact life-changing decisions.

We guide our patients to invest wisely in their customized solution for better hearing.

We never stop...

We owe it to those who we serve to do the best we can to BE THE BEST we can.

We never stop learning.

We protect the investments of our patients by offering regular follow-up care and maintenance for their hearing aids.

We promise...

You won't find better hearing healthcare anywhere else.

Loren Lunsford, Au.D., CCC-A

Owner/CSO, Sonus Hearing Care Professionals

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