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Introducing: The World’s First Hearing Aid With Artificial Intelligence

Sonus Hearing Care Professionals is excited to offer a revolutionary new hearing technology from Starkey® Hearing Technologies – Via™ AI. As the world’s first hearing aid to utilize integrated sensors and artificial intelligence, Via AI is also the first device to track body and brain health.

The new Hearing Reality™ technology provides an average 50-percent reduction in noisy environments, significantly reduced listening effort, and newly enhanced clarity of speech, while the use of artificial intelligence and integrated sensors enabled it to optimize the hearing experience. ViaAI has revolutioned what “hearing better” means. Artificial intelligence, integrated sensors and advancements in hearing technology enables Via AI to provide the following unique benefits:

  • Overall health and wellness tracking through the app’s combined brain and body health score (Thrive Wellness Score)

  • Integration of the physical activity data measured by inertial sensors of the hearing aids with Apple Health and Google Fit apps

  • Personalized Control for customizable adjustments to sound and programs

  • Remote programming that allows the hearing healthcare professional to conveniently deliver minor adjustments to the patients hearing aids without an office visit

  • Easy to use tap control

  • Unprecedented, natural listening and speech clarity in the noisiest environments with the new Hearing Realitytechnology

  • Integrated language translation

  • Stream phone calls, music, media, apps, and connect with various devices including TVs and Amazon Alexa

  • True ear-to-ear communication and binaural noise reduction

To learn more about this new technology, request an appointment online here or give us a call at (888) 574-6776.

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