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How Often Should I Be Cleaning My Hearing Aids?

Cleaning a Hearing Aid

Hearing aids are extremely important little devices – they assist in helping those with hearing loss be able to live a normal life again. Being that these pieces of technology are a staple for many people across the country, the question is frequently raised: how often should I be cleaning my hearing aids?

Dr. Amber Lindner, Au.D., CCC-A, one of Sonus’ hearing care professionals, advises that hearing aids should be wiped down every single day. “One should get into the habit of wiping their hearing aids on a daily basis,” says Amber.

For deep cleaning, Dr. Lindner says that patients should be scheduling in-office visits every three to four months. “Coming into a Sonus office to get a thorough cleaning is also important. We are able to clean the hearing aids properly and inspect them to make sure that they are working at full capacity.”

To schedule an appointment for a FREE hearing aid clean and check, please call (888) 574-6776.

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