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Teachable Moments about Healthy Hearing for Tweens

A teachable moment can occur almost anywhere—in your home, at school events, and during work and leisure time activities. Any time you are exposed to potentially damaging noise levels and you take action to protect your tween’s hearing, it can be a teachable moment. When you are mowing the lawn or doing carpentry, wear hearing protectors. When you are motor boating, hunting, or at a sports event, wear earplugs or earmuffs. Children often learn healthy behaviors by following the example of others. Let your tween see you protecting your hearing and he or she will be more likely to protect their own. Here are just a few examples of teachable moments in healthy hearing:

When listening is enjoyable

At almost any time of day and almost any place, you can share the pleasure of healthy hearing with your tween. If your child comments on a bird singing or a favorite band playing, this is a teachable moment. Talk with your tween about sounds in his or her environment and why healthy hearing is important.

When listening may not be enjoyable

A good time to discuss why hearing needs to be protected—and how—is when the noise around you is too loud. A few examples of noisy situations are:

  • Waiting for a subway.

  • Walking by a road with heavy traffic or construction.

  • Doing yard work or housework involving noisy appliances.

  • Attending a sports event or concert.

  • Watching a parade.

In these and other noisy situations, help your child remember three ways to protect his or her hearing:

  • Turn down the sound.

  • Avoid the noise (walk away).

  • Block the noise (wear hearing protectors, such as earplugs or earmuffs).

Finding the right time to approach your child about healthy hearing habits may not always be easy, but if you look for an opportunity, chances are you will find it. Making this effort will help ensure your child’s hearing remains as healthy as possible, while avoiding situations that may cause serious hearing health issues. For a free hearing screening please contact us here at Sonus by dialing: 888.574.6776.

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