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Rules For Communication With The Hard of Hearing

Life for those with hearing loss can become challenging when those around them are not considerate of their loss. In an effort to alleviate frustrations, Sonus Hearing Care Professionals has come up with nine rules of thumb to follow or consider when communicating with the hard of hearing:

• Get their attention before you begin to speak

• Speak slowly

• Don't cover your mouth

• Hold your head still

• Stand in the light

• Do not shout

• Don't talk from another room

• If they don't understand - rephrase

• Don't mumble

In making the extra effort to be sure that you are communicating effectively, you will be able to maintain ongoing conversations with those who have hearing loss!

If you or a loved one is experiencing hearing loss, please give us a call. We provide free hearing tests* and consultations. (888) 574-6776. If you would prefer to request an appointment online, please click here.

*This is not a medical exam. Test is to determine amplification needs only. See location for complete details. Void where prohibited.

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