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5 Reasons To Make a Hearing Test Top Priority

Hearing loss affects millions of Americans and is known to be one of the top health issues amongst individuals globally. Making a point to get a hearing test should be a top priority for anyone who suspects that their hearing may not be what it used to be. Here are seven reasons why you should make this a priority:

1. The Better Hearing Institute conducted a study that ultimately showed that, by using hearing aids, the risk of loss of income was reduced by up to ninety percent for those who were suffering mild hearing loss. The overall loss for an individual who ignores their hearing loss could be upwards of $30K annually.

2. Those who are in the workplace and are suffering hearing loss have said that by simply getting hearing aids, their productivity increased exponentially.

3. Individuals who have sought help for their hearing loss ultimately said that their life became much less stressful; they were able to focus on their relationships, and their conversations became something positive versus a chore.

4. Multiple researches have been conducted that show a link between dementia and hearing loss. Experts say that addressing hearing loss can help protect something that many may take for granted: cognitive function.

5. Depression is a very common side effect of hearing loss. Those who silently struggle with hearing loss are said to be more susceptible to depression than those who do not.

Did you know that Sonus Hearing Care Professionals offers free hearing tests? Yes! You can request your free hearing test here or by calling (888) 574-6776. Now is the perfect time to take control of your hearing health - and we are here to help.

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