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Dogs and Their Taste for Hearing Aids

Dogs and Their Taste for Hearing Aids

It is no secret that dogs can be mischievous little creatures; they like to get into things that they shouldn't, and they enjoy turning common objects into chew toys. Hearing aids seem to be a target for pups and their insatiable appetites, which is why Sonus has put together some tips for hearing aid users who are living with a dog or dogs at home:

1. Put your hearing aids in a place where the dog would not be able to reach them. For example: on top of a dresser, on the bathroom counter, in their respective cases, or on the kitchen counter.

2. Make sure that you are always being mindful of where you place your hearing aids when you take them off... many of us take them off quickly to hop into the shower and leave them in a place that seems convenient at the time. This is one of the most common times in which a dog will steal your hearing aids and turn them into a chew toy!

While hearing aids seem to be intriguing for dogs, so do hearing aid batteries. Eating a hearing aid battery is very dangerous for a dog (or any creature for that matter). Here are a few signs to watch out for in your furry friend if you suspect they may have eaten a hearing aid battery:

• A raw, red tongue

• Heavy drooling

• Vomiting

• Unusually quiet behavior

• Refusing to eat

• Pained crying

If you see any of these signs, bring your dog to your vet as soon as possible. Remember that the same rules you set forth for hearing aids also apply to the hearing aid batteries.

Should your dog get ahold of your hearing aid, call us at (888) 574-6776 to see what we can do to resuscitate your hearing aids!

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