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Headphones and Their Link to Hearing Loss

People of all ages enjoy listening to music through their headphones - but what are the consequences of doing so? With the holidays approaching, many parents will find themselves shopping for items such as MP3 players and phones for their children; many of the accompanying headphones have proven to be hazardous to the hearing health of children. In a recent survey of goods, it was found that most of the headphones on the market for children do not restrict the volume levels, allowing them to listen to music at full volume.

When you listen to music through headphones at full volume, you are most likely hitting 105 decibels, which is comparable to standing next to a live chainsaw. The effects that this level of exposure has on your hearing can be extremely harmful.

Decibel exposure

If your child is listening to just four songs, which average around three minutes per song, per day, they are exposing themselves to over half an hour per week of damage-inducing decibel levels.

There are many varieties of headphones on the market that allow a parent or adult to set a limit to which volume can max out. Keep this in mind when you are shopping for loved ones - or yourself - this holiday season!

If you suspect that you may have damaged your hearing due to high decibel levels, please give us a call at (888) 574-6776 to see what we can do.

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