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Lethargic? It Could Be Linked to Hearing Loss

Have you found yourself becoming tired more often than usual? Hearing loss could be the culprit! Hearing loss is usually not the first thing that we think of as the causes of being overly tired, but you would be surprised at the connection! While being tired physically does not come from hearing loss, being tired mentally is sometimes a side effect of hearing loss.

When we are struggling to hear throughout the day, we are putting a lot of pressure on our minds to try and comprehend words - thus leading to mental exhaustion. The energy that goes into trying to process and make sense of sounds is an example of "cognitive load". With this, the brain is trying so hard to fill in the blanks of words that we cannot hear, leading to less time to store and process what has been heard into working memory. With the additional effort that we put forth trying to string together sentences in our mind, we are putting a strain on our mental health.

If you suspect that hearing loss may be making you more tired than usual, and you want to put an end to it before it gets worse, please contact us to take advantage of our free hearing tests*. We want what's best for your hearing health.

(888) 574-6776.

*This is not a medical exam and is intended for the purpose of amplification needs only.

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