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Sonus FAQ: Can I Wear Someone Else's Hearing Aids?

The question has been raised several times whether or not one person can wear another person's hearing aids. It might seem like a simple solution to hearing loss - just wear a hearing device that has helped someone else who you know. Unfortunately, because of the fact that hearing aids are fit to help each individual that they are intended for, wearing hearing aids that have been programmed to another person's individual hearing needs won't help your own hearing in the long run.

Let's break this down: hearing aids are made specifically for the person who initially purchased them. Because everyone has their own hearing "prescription", their hearing aids are fit specifically to the exact levels that their wearers require. Custom hearing aids are also uniquely molded to fit the wearer's ear. Putting on someone else's hearing aids would be like putting on a shoe that was custom-made for them - it just won't fit! Not only that, but a hearing aid that was customized with the proper technology for one person's hearing loss will not accurately suit your hearing needs. A hearing aid could potentially amplify sound much louder than you need it to, which could ultimately harm your hearing.

It is important that you receive a proper diagnosis for your hearing loss from a hearing care professional. It is also important that you are fit with a hearing aid that is perfect for your own individual needs. At Sonus, we offer customized hearing plans as well as a 75-Day Free Trial Period* to make sure that you are completely comfortable with your hearing aids.

To learn more, call us at (888) 574-6776 or request an appointment for a free consultation here.

*Hearing aids must be returned within 75-day trial period to qualify for a full refund. See location for complete details.

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