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The Health Benefits of Hearing Aids

Hearing loss doesn’t just affect our ears. Much evidence links it to other, sometimes more frightening health issues like falling and dementia. If your adult children are pushing you to get your hearing checked, they’ve got science on their side!

Social isolation is the most obvious danger. "Hearing loss can give observers the impression that you’re not interested in conversation," explained Harvey Abrams, PhD, a longtime audiologist on the graduate faculty at the University of South Florida in Tampa who studies the effect of hearing aids on overall quality of life. "People begin to withdraw from activities that would put them in touch with others and that can lead to loneliness and depression."

Do hearing aids make you healthier?

The links between hearing loss and a host of problems have prompted research on the question of how better hearing might protect you. The impact of hearing aids is a new and growing field, and the findings are mostly upbeat. More than a decade ago, research suggested that hearing aids improve overall quality of life.

Hearing loss is far easier to correct than many of the problems it may be related to, so this is great news for public health, experts say.

Read more about how hearing loss is connected to your overall health here!

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