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How To Protect Your Ears This 4th of July

Independence Day is one of the loudest holidays of the year, thanks in part to the tradition of fireworks! Did you know that if you stand within just three feet of a firework, you are exposing yourself to 150 decibels of sound? That’s equivalent to a jet engine! Sonus takes your hearing health seriously, which is why we want you to do the best you can to protect your hearing this July 4th. Here are four simple ways to protect your ears this holiday:

  1. Wear ear plugs! Ear plugs are a very inexpensive way to protect your hearing. It is always a good idea to have these on hand for the 4th of July - we even argue that you should keep a pair with you year-round! You never know when you may need them. Read more about different types of ear plugs here.

  2. If you are taking a child to a firework show, we strongly advise you to put earmuffs on them. The formative years are important for children, and protecting their hearing health at a young age can save them from hearing loss down the line.

  3. Keep your distance! The closer that you are to loud sounds, the more damage can be caused to your hearing.

  4. Download a noise-measuring app to your cell phone! Prolonged exposure to sounds over 85dB can cause hearing loss; keeping track of the sounds around you on your phone can protect you from potential hearing loss. You can read more about these types of apps here.

Remember, your hearing should be as important to you as your eyesight - you don’t want to lose it! We hope you have a safe and happy holiday!


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