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5 Tips For Traveling With Hearing Loss

As the holidays approach us, we are faced with the impending travel that comes as a package deal. Whether you are traveling to see family this holiday season, or you're traveling to get away from the stress of the holidays, Sonus Hearing Care Professionals has five simple tips for traveling with hearing loss:

1. Research Your Lodging: Keep your needs in mind. If you are visiting a hotel, call ahead to make sure that they provide visual alarm clocks (alarm clocks that provide flashing lights versus noise for those hard of hearing). Keep in mind that all hotels, motels, inns, and any other form of lodging must be ADA compliant. It is always best to call ahead.

2. Choose Your Destination Wisely: Are you traveling to a city with abundant noise, such as New York City? For some, this noise can bring unwanted stress into the trip. If you are prone to stress when surrounded by lots of noise, choose a calmer, quieter destination.

3. Pack The Necessities: Make sure that, while traveling, you have packed extra hearing aid batteries, proper cleaning tools, and any other accessories you have for your hearing aids. It is always better to be prepared with more than you need, then leave for your trip with something you may need!

4. Protect Your Hearing Aids: Make sure that you pack your hearing aids in a place where you won't lose track of them, should you travel without wearing them. Bring your case as to make sure you are keeping your aids clean and sanitary.

5. Inform Those Around You: If you are traveling with someone else, or even multiple people, make sure that you are communicating your stress-free needs with them. Making sure everyone is on the same page to maintain a stress-free trip should be a priority!

Sonus Hearing Care Professionals is always here to help should you need it. Give us a call if you have any questions about traveling with hearing loss: (888) 574-6776.


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